Why French Fusion?

It’s all about passion for what we do….

With over 30 years of combined industry experience, the team at French Fusion Travel is fully licensed and experts in world travel.

Our multi-lingual staff speaks four European languages and we have all travelled extensively, regularly visiting sites and hotels to ensure the best up-to-date information for our portfolio of Corporate and Leisure clients. More about our Guides and Staff . . .

French Fusion Travel is a subsidiary of Complete Travel Services in South Yarra
Travel agent license number: 2TA032641

Our agency is part of the Magellan Group and therefore has access to excellent corporate hotel rates worldwide. We are IATA (International Association of Travel Agents) accredited and a member of the Travel Compensation Fund

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Peace of mind.  Without a travel agent you are on your own

If you book your trip yourself and anything goes wrong (a volcano erupting or a coup d’etat for example) there’s no one to help get you flights out quickly. This is an important consideration for many people who prefer to have the backup of a certified travel professional organising their travel arrangements.

Isn’t the Internet cheaper?

It is often a misconception that you will pay more going through a travel agent. We have access to wholesale prices which are not available on the Net to you – and, you are on your own when you are in trouble overseas.

We know and specialise in travel so we save you the pitfalls and time often necessary to trawl through the web. We also offer you other advice on visas, stopovers, early-bird deals, permits etc that other agencies may not.

We offer support, knowledge, best choices, recommended places and accommodation and “best fit” travel. We take the stress and time out of your busy life to ensure you a successful visit overseas.

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